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I much prefer the sharpest criticism of a single intelligent man to the thoughtless approval of the masses.

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abyssic death metal, african internicine, after eight mints, american backwoods, anachronism, anarchoindividualist mutualism, anatomy, ancient cultures and mithology, archery and fencing, athenaeum secret societies, b-movies, biotecture, blackadder, blockout 3d tetris, blood bowl, caffeine & nicotine, calcio storico fiorentino, cartography, cavalcare la tigre, chaos theory, chesterfield settees, chiaroscuro and tenebrism, cthulhu, dark folk martial music, dark thirties crime, davros und moriarty, der waldgang, diplomacy, distopías y ucronías, doctor who, elitist private clubs, engravings, episkyros et harpastum, escher-gödel-pythagoras-tesla's tetrarchy, extreme fighting, faune abyssale, fawlty towers, felines and owls, fractals, fées vertes en folie, galiza e o bierzo, gazebos and pergolas, genre polar, giallo and film noir, goonies, gormenghast trilogy, history & archaeology, holy hand-grenade of antioch, homeschooling, horticulture, implementing virtual libraries, individualism, kaiju eiga, kendo & iaido, knowledge, krakens, kunstformen der natur, laudanum et opium, louis xvi style furniture, mariage frères tea, mathematics, migraines, military strategy, nan roig, natural history museums, odd numbers, old books & comics, paganism and pan-europeism, paradoxes and synchronicity, pebbles, plasma cosmology, project gutenberg literary archive, reliure, robots, rugby, russian matryoshkas, science, slow jazz backing tracks, steampunk computers, string quartets, survival, systems administration, taxonomie, tea kettles, the unabomber's manifesto, theremin noir, thesaurus, townes van zandt's lyrics, triffids and daleks, twin peaks, twisted toyfare theatre, underlined secondhand books, weaponery, wet soil smell, wild wandering, woodworking, wunderkammern and obscure antiques, yogurt granola, zombies, électricité, интеллигенция & sløjd movement
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